Doug Heaberlin

Doug Heaberlin had the privilege of having some really awesome coaches in the beginning of his career. John Coleman and Bob Kuhlman had a lasting influence on his outlook of distance running and giving him the love of the sport. Doug was certainly slow and really did not know what he was getting himself into on that first day of practice his freshman year in school.

In high school, he was honored to meet Arthur Lydiard who coached medalists in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics including Peter Snell, who also held the mile record. Doug was also able to run with and learn from Keith Forman, a former 3:58 miler from Oregon, who it turns out, also personally knew Mr. Lydiard and Peter Snell having run against the latter.

Over the years, he has been coached by several Olympians ( George Young in track and Mike Burton in swimming) and picked up on some valuable lessons about what the human body can do and why some methodologies work better than others. Doug has had the privilege of meeting and sharing ideas with several top athletes over the years (Bill Rodgers, Anne Audain, Alison Roe) while pursuing some of his dreams and just staying in shape.

Doug was doing marathons in the late 70's and mid to late 80's. He dabbled in triathlons in the 80's and masters swimming in the 90's. Doug has completed several bike races from 16 miles to 108 miles averaging 19-20mph for the longer ones.

Doug coached girls distance runners, where they set 31 personal bests during the track season among the 13 runners in one year. Another year, he had the great privilege of coaching some talented runners to an 8:00.8 two-mile relay time just a couple of weeks after they had taken out the best the state had to offer with an 8:03.5 time. The next year, with one new member on the team, they pulled together and ran 7:58.9. During some point during the season, 3 of the runners had run 800 meters under 2:00. The fourth runner started the year at 2:13 and finished at 2:03.5. At the same time, the girls relay team went from 10:40 the first meet to 10:13 at the state meet.

Doug has heard many high school coaches say that they don't have the pool of students to pick from to get talented athletes and that is why their programs aren't as successful as others. Doug has always believed that "Runners are Made, not Born". He was able to go from a 7 minute mile in October to a 3:37 marathon 5 months later as 14 year old. A couple of months later Doug ran a 4:53 mile. He wasn't fast or talented, he just worked hard. If you want to get better, you have to want it and work for it.

Doug Heaberlin 2017